What is Aquasize?   Aquasize is an impact-free exercise class which improves strength, flexibility and endurance.  It incorporates the use of floatation belts and foam dumbbells and is best performed in deep water but can also be done in shallow water.  All movements are done completely in the water - your feet (ideally) never touch the ground and your hands and arms never leave the water - the only thing out of the water is your head!

This workout is extremely JOINT-FRIENDLY and is ideal for people with arthritis, back and knee problems, and people recovering from accident or injury. It is self-regulating: you determine the intensity - anywhere from light to strenuous.

A 1-hour class begins and ends with 10-15 minutes of Aqua Jogging which serves as a warm-up, cool-down and aerobic workout. I teach you the proper technique and posture to prevent any possible back or neck strain and continuously monitor and critique you. In between is a 30-40 minute series of exercises which I have developed myself and which can be done by anyone -  even people with disabilities! They are designed primarily to be back and joint friendly!

Recommended Equipment

Flotation Belt and Foam Dumbbells - (required)


Hand Fins - (recommended)


Ankle/Wrist Cuffs - (optional)


You can buy similar equipment where swimming supplies are sold, or you can purchase the above equipment over the internet from Aqua Jogger (www.aquajogger.com)



It is recommended that you purchase your own equipment for better enjoyment and hygiene reasons - the most economical equipment is the Aqua Fitness 6 piece exercise combo ( belt, dumbbells and hand fins) available at Harrows Swimming pools and also at Sports Authority.( Do Not confuse the AQUA FITNESS brand 6-piece combo with the SPEEDO “Aqua Fitness Exercise Combo” – This product does not come with hand fins – the dumbbells are excellent – the belt is not).

Aqua Fitness 6 piece exercise combo

You can order Aqua Fitness 6-piece combo from Sports Authoriry in Westbury - Dial (516)683-8600
Ask for the Hunting an Fishing Dept. and tell them you want to buy the "Aqua Fitness 6-piece Exercise Combo" Make sure it says "6-piece combo" to make sure you get the right one

Purchase via the internet... info below

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The AQUA FITNESS  brand 6-piece combo is available from SportsAuthority for $39.95  


Nash Water Ski Belt

Available from Boaters World

or Boatersworld.com

for $12.99



Brock Enterprises


Kiefer Dumbbells

Kiefer Belts


Ankle Cuffs



I presently have AQUAJOGGER X-CUFFS for $20/pair

 (can be worn on ankles AND/OR wrists to intensify workout)


Class Schedules & Costs

Spring 2008

Nassau Community College – I WILL NOT be teaching any

AQUASIZE courses at NCC this spring – Swimming courses


Syosset H.S. Adult Ed.

Thursdays @8pm starting Feb.28 for 8 weeks

 You MUST have your own equipment!!!

Call Adult Ed. Dept. – (516) 364-5751 to register  

Private Lesson Rates - $50/hour plus pool admission fees - if any.

Start your own Group - If you have access to a pool for 1 hour per week for 4 weeks, and a group of friends who are interested, you can split the cost among you ($180 for 4 lessons).


Any additional questions? - Call Nick at (631)691-2396



Wednesdays: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Ongoing  - Fee: Members - FREE 

 To register or for info – call Nick (631) 691-2396



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